CMC VPN Instructions

To setup your device for VPN access, follow the below instructions. You will only need to do so once per device, and your credentials will be saved for future use.

Step 1: Download and install the VPN client for your device.

Client compatibility notes:

Step 2: Visit the secret key page emailed to you to retrieve your secret key.

  • If clicking the link on your secret key page does not work, copy and paste it directly into the VPN client.
  • If you still encounter problems, contact us for assistance.

Step 3: Click “Add server” to save the server.

Step 4: Upon clicking the grey circle, you will be connected to the VPN.

Step 4: Check your IP address location to confirm the VPN is working.

Step 5: Press the circle again to disconnect.

Step 6: To access the VPN again, simply open the app installed on your device.
Your credentials have been saved there for future use. You will only need to go through this process once per device.

Step 7: Connection troubles. If you are having trouble connecting to the VPN, try downloading the Pingify app to diagnose the issue. Submit the test results via the contact form.

To further secure your account, you may enable two-factor authentication by visiting your profile page. You may use two-factor authentication with apps like Google Authenticator, Authy, and LastPass Authenticator or by using a U2F device like Yubikey.

Also, when you are finished, remember to log out of CMC to protect your secret key.